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SoluDyne Basic Course

This is the course for users who are going to start using SoluDyne. We will review basic functions, tools, and provide an understanding of the SoluDyne system. 

We make it easier for you to get started, and show you how to streamline your use and utilization of the program.


Quality Mangement system understanding


Target group



General understanding and use of SoluDyne:

  • Basic Quality Management system understanding 

    • Strategic Management - MARK

    • Work processes and governing documentation - APOS

    • Competence Management - CAT

    • Quality Improvement - QIS

  • Basic tool understanding and skills

    • SoluDyne Toolbars 

    • SoluDyne Gadgets 

    • Subscription  

    • Workqueue 

    • History 

    • Edit / Publish

    • Search 

    • Recycle Bin 

    • Drag and Drop 

    • Organization Chart and Employee information

    • Report: My Processes & Requirements

    • Subscription notifications

    • Revision Control, revision history and track changes  

    • Introduction to Comment / Change process


Must have basic knowledge of general PC use.


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