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Turn potential challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement

Quality Management and Compliance: Maintain continuous quality and compliance with evolving regulations. Our system integrates updates automatically, supports quality standards, and monitors compliance rigorously to protect your operations.

Supports the adjustment of uncertainty and manageability: Standard risk analysis, financial risk analysis, and security risk analysis. Functionality for registering participants and tags for filtering, conducting security risk analysis with threat actors, assets, and vulnerabilities.

The system supports all types of assessments: Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Risk Assessment, IT Security Risk Assessment, Each type of risk assessment analysis helps organizations in different sectors manage specific risks inherent to their operations, ensuring they can operate more safely and efficiently.

Stay ahead with SoluDyne

Act Now for a More Secure Tomorrow:   Don't wait for the next disruption to threaten your progress. Contact us today to see how our Risk and Quality Management System can secure a resilient and thriving future for your business.

Risk Identification Simplified:  Use the SoluDyne system to efficiently identifiy and document a broad spectrum of risks, from financial and operational to technological and strategic, across your organization. All risks are stored in a unified, hierarchical Risk Register that integrates seamlessly with the projects and processes, facilitating the effective use and reuse of critical risk data. Regular updates and revisions of risk assessments are easily managed, enhancing the risk management capabilities.

Risk Analysis: Our sophisticated tools enhance safety and effectively mitigate risks with features like physical barriers to protect operations. The system prioritizes risks, establishes control measures, and manages threats proactively by analyzing likelihood and impact. This ensures comprehensive stability and safety across all operations, treating opportunities with the same rigor as risks.

Risk and Quality Management

Transform Risks into Rewards with SoluDyne's Superior Quality Management System

Lead with Confidence: The solution enables proactive risk identification and seamless quality control, streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost Customer satisfaction, all while safeguarding your company’s future.

In compliance with ISO 31000 | COSO ERM | AQAP 2110 | NS 5832:2014 Machine Safety – ISO 12100 | Medical Devices –
ISO 14971 | Data Protection Act / GDPR as well as information security - ISO 27001, ISO 27005, and ISO 29134 | 

Predefined and user-defined risk matrices: Functionality to create risk matrices from scratch or inherit from existing risk matrices, change colors, probabilities and consequences.

Bow-Tie Analysis: Modeling bow-tie analyzes with risk, threat/events, risk barriers; threat-control and consequence-control and consequences..

Historical risk trend and timeline: Revision-data is automatically saved and risk trend is displayed graphically in a risk trend diagram and in a timeline.

Risk management and mitigating measures: Functionality to create and process mitigating measures. Easy to create action plans by creating or linking mitigating measures to the individual risk. Actions in the system with work queues and e-mail alerts help ensure that planned actions are carried out.

Deviation management and quality management: Simplifies compliance and improves reporting options with deviation management and continuous improvement. Generate detailed reports that provide valuable insights and support strategic decision making.

Data analysis and insights with interactive dashboard: Advanced analysis tools offer insights from risk and quality data, presented in hierarchical tree structures, registers, homepages and dashboards. Gives managers the opportunity to make well-informed decisions, filters risks and actions in the grid for an overview of risks in risk matrices.

Document management and export: Easily export data from Risk Group, Risk Analysis and Risk Overview Dashboards to MS Excel, and generate ready-to-use MS Word or PDF risk reports.

Communication and training: Setup for automatic notifications and training packages.

Flexibility and scalability with setup and configuration: With SoluDyne designer, the needs of different users can be adapted and grow in step with the size and complexity of the organisation. Risk matrix, Assets, Causes, Barriers, Threat actors, Vulnerability, Risk form, Risk register, Ownership / Responsibility, Access and Permissions, Change management workflow, Dashboard, Queries, KPIs and statistics, Data warehouse and SoluDyne Web API.

​Work-process-oriented management: Strengthens the decision-making process with risk visualization directly in the process diagram. The functionality simplifies access to important information, integrates risks, requirements and checklists for clear and immediate guidance. It allows users to easily identify and deal with potential challenges, and ensures clarity and effective implementation of best practice.

Secures Security and Compliance

Get full control over operations with our comprehensive risk and quality management system.

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