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RISK Management

Software for risk evaluation of processes, projects, work environment, unwanted incidents, IT safety etc.

Gain full Control over Risk Evaluations

With SoluDyne’s software for risk evaluation and risk management, you gain full control over risk evaluations. Improvised custom solutions and spreadsheets are in the past.  

RISK complies with the following -among others - ISO standards

  • Machine Safety – ISO 12100,

  • Medical Equipment – ISO 14971,

  • Data Protection Act / GDPR as well as Information Safety - ISO 27001, ISO 27005 and ISO 29134.

History data is automatically saved and risk trend analyzes can be displayed graphically.

History / risk trend analyzes

Integrated with processes, non-conformance reporting, etc.

RISK can be used separately and / or integrated with processes, action plans, reported adverse events, etc.

Predefined and User defined Risk Matrices

Risk assessments can be made using predefined risk matrix or user defined risk matrix.

Risk Bow-Tie analyzes

Graphical Bow-Tie analysis can be linked to the risk analyzes.

Reports, statistics, trend analysis

Collect quality related data for statistics.

Automated Action Plans

Action plans with actions integrated with the workqueue can be directly linked to the individual risk assessment.

Manage your RISK

RISK ensures full documentation and security in the work with risk evaluation

The Risk Management module ensures that the risk management work in the organization is optimized, documented and evaluated by qualified personnel in a simple tool.