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MARK - Strategic Management

Set the Strategic Direction, Implement it in the Organization and Ensure Compliance.

View Organization / Company Statistics on the Dashboard / Homepage 

  • Business Overview

  • Overview of Mission, Vision, Strategies, Strategic and Operational Objectives

  • Key Performance Indicators 


Business Plan

  • Share the business plan with the entire organization

  • Define Mission and Vision

  • Set Strategic Goals

  • Add Value Statement

  • Link Values Directly into Processes

  • Model HR / HSE Policy

  • Link to Audit Plans

Check Plan Status and Activities Overview with overview of Performance Indicatiors, RISK , Cost, Project Phases.


Create a Performance Indicator Register

Export Data into Excel for Data Mining

MARK supports the entire organization, from analysis and strategy development to implementation and follow-up of results.

Key Features

Measurable Improvements

SoluDyne MARK helps to define and implement measurable objectives:

  • Ensures structure.

  • Ensures continuity.

  • Ensures cohesion between all parts of the strategy plans.

  • Operationalizes the strategies and ensures implementation.

Performance Indicator

Supports setting Performance Indicators to measure progress towards Strategic Goals; PI, KPI, KRI

PDCA Cycle

  • Values are integrated into the PDCA Cycle diagram, located on the Homepage, under the tab Strategies.

  • Value Statements, Value Groups and Values-organizes the Company´s ethical standards as well as dissects a company's value statement into actionable components, which can then become guiding principles to follow in all behaviors. 


Diagrams generated with the dynamic diagramming tool can be used in reports and documents generated in SoluDyne. This allows the user to create powerful, Web-based reports with formatted text, images and diagrams.

Strategic Management Dashboard

Gives an overview over Activities per Perspective that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time, and Activities per Strategic Goals for accomplish long term business objectives.

Values as Governing Elements

Values have the same characteristics as other Governing Elements:

  • Can be linked or documented on Best Practice and Requirement Forms. 

  • Value icons are displayed on flowchart activity shapes when linked / documented.

Dynamic Charts

Produces dynamic charts that are updated automatically as new data is supplied to SoluDyne and the SoluDyne Data Warehouse.

Frequently asked questions about Strategic Management

Is multilanguage functionality on content supported?

Yes, multilanguage functionality on all content is supported.

Can we link Values to our processes?

Yes, Values can be linked to processes

Can we make our employees aware and follow our mission & vision, values, policies and strategy?

Yes, this is done by 

  1. Breaking it down into a simple structure that can be integrated into the processes / governing documentation and then 

  2. Link to the homepage, and

  3. Send out as broadcasts or use the Course tool/nano training to send out training packages on need to know knowledge.

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