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SoluDyne + Integrations

SoluDyne integrates easily with your existing infrastructure for maximum ROI.

Integrate SoluDyne functionality with your Sharepoint Platform.


Microsoft Office Online

Integrate Document Management with Office Online

Google Workspace

Integrate Document Management with Google Workspace.

Power BI

Export any data into Power BI to analyze and present. 

Microsoft Visio

SoluDyne supports importing workflow charts from Visio

Exchange / SMTP

Receive Work Queue notifications and alarms in your mailbox. 

Use Okta for single sign on with SoluDyne


Azure AD

Use Azure Active Directory for Single Sign On with SoluDyne

Google Authentication

Use Google Authentication for Single Sign On with SoluDyne


Import & export data to and from SAP.


Import & export different types of data to and from IFS.

Mobile App

Report and get status overview from mobile device.  Includes Offline Reporting Functionality.

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