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Software for systematic management of operations and maintenance of machinery, buildings and equipment.

The Maintenance system is used for systematic management of preventive maintenance of equipment, production lines, buildings, rolling stock etc. The Maintenance module can also be applied for managing the calibration of measuring equipment.

The system provides valuable documentation about maintenance costs, errors and breakdowns, performed repairs, consumption of spare parts etc.

Key Features

Easy Overview

Equipment is shown in a manageable tree structure, and all tasks are shown in one screen.

Operation and Maintenance Plan

Maintenance plans can be generated as lists and as graphic maintenance plans.

Spare parts management

Registration and management of consumption of spare parts.

Access by App

The option to access system via mobile app

Ensures systematic maintenance

Ensures systematic maintenance of planned maintenance and unplanned maintenance.


History on maintenance plans, performed maintenance and consumption of spare parts.

Detailed search function

The Search function makes it possible to generate detailed listings of equipment, maintenance, consumption of spare parts etc.

Integration with scanners

Can be integrated with various QR and barcode scanners

Frequently asked questions about Maintenance

Can the software also be applied for managing equipment that must be calibrated?

Yes, the software can also be applied for managing internal and external calibration of equipment – including the registration of calibration results.

How does the consumption of spare parts work in connection to maintenance?

When maintenance is performed, and a spare part is picked, the spare part stock is automatically written down. When the amount of spare parts is below the re-ordering point, a message is automatically sent to the spare part responsible.   

Can the software be integrated with other IT systems?

Yes, it is possible to integrate with other systems for exchange of information concerning e.g. maintenance costs, spare parts etc.


Functionality Description

Under construction

Maintenance Presentation

Under Construction

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