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SoluDyne on your mobile. 
Access your management system from anywhere

Advantages for the employees

  • Employee will have easy access to report Quality improvement.

  • The SoluDyne Mobile App will help everyone in the company to be part of creating a culture of conscious employees who take independent initiative to make improvements regardless of where the work is performed.

Advantages for the entire organization

  • Improves the collaboration between the employee and the organization. All employees are able to give feedback about quality and report incident, accident and other non-conformances.

  • Information can be sent out easily from the organization to employees’ workqueue.

  • Energizes the business and takes the initiative to report Deviation from where work is performed.

  • Focus on systematic quality improvement for satisfied employees and benefits for the business.

Advantages for the Manager

Fast feedback to responsible from the employee, as they can report from the fields where they work.

Measurable improvements

Rise of productivity, because of instant reporting of Deviations out in the fields.

Key Features

Non-Con / Deviation - reporting

Ability to take and upload photos directly on the deviation report.


The homepage of SoluDyne mobile App can be tailor-made to the customer’s needs.

Work Processes

Access to your Work Processes in the palm of your hand.

Frequently asked questions about SoluDyne Mobile App

Which mobile platforms does SoluDyne Mobile APP Support?

SoluDyne Mobile App supports iOS and Android.

What is the pricing model for the SoluDyne App.

Price model is a fixed annual or monthly fee

Is the Mobile App Secure?

Yes. All critical information is encrypted in every transaction that is processed through the app and the Mobile Web Browser, and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. However, mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your login information for apps installed on the device. If you choose to store your login information, any person who has access to your mobile device can access your account.

What features does the Mobile App have?

The Current Versions support APOS and QIS

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