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The flexible process bases Business Management System
A solution of integrated modules, a flexible toolbox to solve the management needs of your business from Quality and HSE to HR and Maintenance Management.  SoluDyne provides system that can scale and be modified when your business grows and operational needs changes.
Secure compliance with ISO Standards!

Built and designed to facilitate ISO Standards and secure compliance. The Business Management system with everything needed for a quality improvement management system.

Modules in SoluDyne

Process Management

Complete Process Management from Work Process all the way to Work Flow Automation.  Achieve a process-based management and quality system. With in-browser modelling tool.
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Deviation Management

The quality improvement module is designed to handle all types of observations,  Improvement proposal, Deviations, Customer Complaints, near misses, Occupational injuries, Audit results.  Read More

Strategic Management

Supports the entire organization, from analysis and strategy development to implementation and follow-up of results and KPIs  
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RISK Management

Complete Risk Management System. Can be used independently and together with the rest of the system, for example in preparation for an audit or to illustrate risk in connection with the execution of a job defined in a work process.
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Document Management

Complete and powerful module for managing and handling all types of documents. Includes integrated review process. 
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Audit Management

Plan and Manage internal and external Audits/Revisions. Includes functionality for inlcuding multiple participants and task delegation. Read More

Asset and Maintenance Management

Asset and Maintenance Management.  Includes Equipment and Spare Part Management.  Read More

HR and Competence Management

Complete HR and Competency Management System.  Measure GAP and plan upskilling of your workforce.  Includes Course Management Functionality.
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Project Management

Complete and powerful project management tool integrated with End-User's Work Queue to delegate tasks and responsibility.  Read More

Customer & Supplier
Follow Up

Follow up Customers and Suppliers. Includes Contract Management and Rating.


Functionality Overview

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