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Competency and Course Management

The complete tool for Personnel, Competency, Certificate, Course Administration and Course Content Management.  

Create and Manage Training

  • Define Course Register and Courses

  • Create Online Lessons with Quiz

  • Perform Course Administration / Course Booking

Develop the employees

  • Manage Competency Data / CV's

  • Perform GAP Analysis / View GAPs

  • Action Plans: Appraisals & Development

  • Administrate Licenses

  • Approval: Keep track of who is allowed to perform what jobs

Search, Reports and Charts

  • Organization Chart

  • Job Function Types

  • Personnel

  • Course Participants

  • License Overview / Alarm

  • Competency Overview / GAP

  • Status on performed / not performed Courses per Organization Unit or Employee

  • Find personnel matching Competence Profile Search 

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Improve the organization's ability to meet operational requirements and keep track of competent personnel.

Key Features

Competence Management

Develop a competence structure that secures short- and long-term goals.
Enables the company to carry out effective measures focusing on the right skills, goals and training for each employee.

Performance Indicator

Supports setting Performance Indicators to measure progress towards Strategic Goals; PI, KPI, KRI

PDCA Cycle

  • Values are integrated into the PDCA Cycle diagram, located on the Homepage, under the tab Strategies.

  • Value Statements, Value Groups and Values-organizes the Company´s ethical standards as well as dissects a company's value statement into actionable components, which can then become guiding principles to follow in all behaviors. 


Diagrams generated with the dynamic diagramming tool can be used in reports and documents generated in SoluDyne. This allows the user to create powerful, Web-based reports with formatted text, images and diagrams.

Course Management

Gives an overview over Activities per Perspective that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time, and Activities per Strategic Goals for accomplish long term business objectives.

Values as Governing Elements

Values have the same characteristics as other Governing Elements:

  • Can be linked or documented on Best Practice and Requirement Forms. 

  • Value icons are displayed on flowchart activity shapes when linked / documented.

Dynamic Charts

Produces dynamic charts that are updated automatically as new data is supplied to SoluDyne and the SoluDyne Data Warehouse.

Key Features

Competency Management

Develop a competency structure that secures short- and long-term goals.

Enables the company to carry out effective measures focusing on the right skills, goals and training for each employee.


Nano Training

Nano Training has all functionality to perform Continuous Training as E-Learning on Employees, ensuring correct competence without taking valuable available work hours for Employees.


Manage and modify Employee CVs as they attain education, work experience and skills.

Certificate Administration

The system handles renewals and terminations of certificates and logs every transaction with the possibility to register why the transaction was performed. The system fulfills all demands about traceability.

Stamp Administration

Manage all stamps in organization,  retrieve history, including who used the stamp, and dates; time frame, when used. 
The history file is used to trace maintenance stamps back to employees in case of incidents, investigations of repairs etc.

Course Management

Manage and keep track of open Courses:

  • Set Competency Level

  • Add Course Licence

  • Add Lessons w / Quiz 

  • Add and Schedule Course Events

  • Add Participants to Course and send out invitations. 

Select  Participants based on:

  • Process

  • Organization or Organization Unit

  • Employee Tree 

  • Search

Action Plans: Employee appraisal interview and follow up

Functionality to assist in the dialogue between managers and employees to provide the basis for appropriate development activities and follow up.

License Administration

Supports associating License Types to Courses. A license alarm is triggered when the current date is later or equal to a Licenses Valid To Date minus the Alarm Period. If for example a license is valid until 1st of January 2019, and the alarm period is one month, the alarm will be triggered on the 1st of December 2020.  When an alarm is triggered it will show up in the WorkQueue of the personnel holding the Quality Job function.

GAP Analysis

Measure the competency GAP of your employees, department and organization.

Setting the Competency Requirement Level for Job Functions and identifying Competency GAPs - the difference between the employee's competency level and the level required by their Job Function. 

Search, Reports and Charts

Examples of standard reports in the system:

  • Personell Overview

  • Personnel / Job Function

  • Competency Gap

  • GAP Summary

  • Available Competencies

  • Signed Training Packages

  • Quiz Score on Nano Learning

  • Certification Alarm

  • Certification Requests

CAT is complete system that grows with your organization’s needs. 

CAT is used by small businesses to companies with thousands of employees.

Frequently asked questions about CAT

Is it possible to create courses and training schedule where end users can book required courses according to competency GAP?

Yes, standard functionality in system.

What type of courses are supported in CAT?

  • Nano-Learning / Continuous Training: 
    Create mobile-friendly training packages with important know-how and end the training with a quiz to ensure the employee has retained or learned needed information. 


  • On the Job Training:
    Create training on processes and new revisions.


  • Class Room Training:
    The possibility to add internal courses and invite participants


  • External Courses:
    Helps  keep track of the employees external courses

Is CAT GDPR Compliant?

Yes, CAT is GDPR Compliant and contains functionality to keep track of GDPR verification on employee.


Functionality Description

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CAT Presentation

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