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Document Management


Easy to keep control

The built-in workflow for document management makes it simple to produce documents from draft to hearing, approval and to publication.

Simplifying tasks with smart solutions and automatization

A strong search function in the document handling system makes it easy to search in both documents and files.


No more heavy work procedures. Get a system for document handling that creates and overview

SoluDyne Document management system makes it easy for the company to manage documents and to target these at relevant employees as well as to segment information according to relevance.


Enables companies to develop and operate according to Best Practice.

Handles all sorts of documents and files such as Management handbooks, Procedures, Instructions, Forms, Datasheets etc.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy access to relevant documents for employees

  • Automatic notification to relevant employees on updating

  • Flexible editing, approval and publication flow.

  • The possibility of creating and editing documents directly in Microsoft Word, Excel etc.

  • Receipt for reading documents.

  • Automatic notification when documents are to be updated.

  • Automatic generation of cross-reference list for ISO standards etc.

  • Full traceability and history on all documents and files.

  • Strong search function.

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