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APOS User and Modelling Course

This is the course for users who are going to start using APOS. We will review basic functions, tools, and provide an understanding of APOS and how to model processes.

APOS Modeler

Target group

  • Modelers, facilitators, superusers

  • Personell performing changes in the system

  • Anyone who needs training and detailed knowledge in modeling.



  • Participant shall be able to understand and model process in APOS



  • Introduction to APOS Modeling course

  • Modeling a Manual and Governing Elements

  • Modeling Manual and Handbook

  • Modeling a Section

  • 'Add Definitions and Abbreviations

  • Modeling governing elements with linked elements

  • Creating a Main Processes

  • Creating a Sub Process

  • Creating a Flowcharts with Roles

  • Linking governing elements to activities in the process

  • Printing processes

After the Course, the participant shall be able to:

  • Produce a Manual

  • Produce Section

  • Produce Governing Elements and linked Objects

  • Model a Main Process

  • Model a Sub Process

  • Model a Flowchart With Roles

  • Link up Governing Elements to activities in a process

Must have completed SoluDyne Basic Course and must have basic knowledge of general PC use.

Approx 5 hours

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