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SoluDyne Business Management & QHSE Software
Scalable. Integrated. Easy. 

SoluDyne Process Based Business Management Software is in compliance with ISO 9001 and it´s requirements for QMS and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 45001 and QHSE Management.

What is the difference between a QMS and a QHSE/HSEQ Management System?  Read more.

We help You to become great at Business Management

Key Modules & Functionality

Complete Process Management from Work Process all the way to Work Flow Automation.  Achieve a process-based management and quality system. With in-browser modelling tool.
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The quality improvement module is designed to handle all types of observations,  Improvement proposal, Deviations, Customer Complaints, near misses, Occupational injuries, Audit results.  Read More

Supports the entire organization, from analysis and strategy development to implementation and follow-up of results and KPIs  
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Complete Risk Management System. Can be used independently and together with the rest of the system, for example in preparation for an audit or to illustrate risk in connection with the execution of a job defined in a work process.
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Plan and Manage internal and external Audits/Revisions. Includes functionality for inlcuding multiple participants and task delegation. Read More

Complete and powerful module for managing and handling all types of documents. Includes integrated review process. 
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Asset and Maintenance Management.  Includes Equipment and Spare Part Management.  Read More

Complete HR and Competency Management System.  Measure GAP and plan upskilling of your workforce.  Includes Course Management Functionality.
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All Modules

All modules and functionality can be used integrated as one system or as standa-alone module alone solutions.  Read More


SoluDyne integrates with most ERP systems and Office Online, Google Workspace, Azure AD... Read More


The Quality Management System is available for End Users on Hand Held Devices using native app for iOS and Android. Read More


SoluDyne supports a number of Standards and Regulations, from ISO to FDA Part 11 to country specific regulations.

Smart in-Browser Process Modelling Tool

The Process Management module includes a Smart Modelling tool to assist in fast modelling of Processes, reducing training time. 
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Choose between Cloud or On-Premise

The QHSE Management System is  available as a cloud solution, but can also be installed at Customer's premises. 

Microsoft Office Online and Google Workspace

SoluDyne provides full document management with revision control and configurable templates integrated with Microsoft Online or Google Workspace

Management of Multi Language Content

SoluDyne supports multiple languages on content including on processes, eliminating need for duplication of process structures - reducing maintenance. Read More

Business management

Secure compliance with the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the organization's activities to achieve strategic goals set.

Training Packages

Create short course packages with important know-how and end the training with a quiz to ensure the employee has retained the needed information. 

RISK Management

Supports the process of identifying, assessing and controlling potential threats to an organization's objectives, assets and stakeholders.

Distribute data to the Organization

Are you looking for a system that lets you populate your intranet websites based on live data? With SoluDyne you can create intranet pages and fill them with necessary content. Whether you want to improve communication, collaboration, productivity or employee engagement, SoluDyne can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for a free demo and quote.

Homepage Example.jpg
Homepage with process overview

Get it done with APOS

Processes are the backbone of any successful business. They help you streamline your operations, improve your efficiency, and deliver consistent results. Whether you need to design, document, automate, or optimize your processes, SoluDyne has the right solution for you. Contact us today and let us help you transform your business with processes.


Change Design

Easy to Customize according your Customer's Design Guide.



KPI graphs are visual tools that help you track and measure your progress towards your goals. They show you how well you are performing in key areas of your business, such as sales, customer satisfaction, profitability and more. KPI graphs can help you identify strengths and weaknesses, spot trends and patterns, and communicate your results to stakeholders. By using KPI graphs, you can make data-driven decisions that improve your performance and achieve your objectives.


The SoluDyne System is available on Hand Held devices, iOS and Android. 

Allows businesses to easily manage and access important business data on the go.  With SoluDyne's mobile app, businesses can easily manage their operations and maximize productivity while on the go.

SoluDyne on a mobile device

Map your Portfolio

Integrate with Zabbix and other systems.

Server room

Are you looking for a way to optimize your IT Assets and reduce costs? If so, you need IT Asset portfolio Management system. This system helps you manage your IT Assets across their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. You can track, monitor, and analyze your IT Assets in real time, and get insights into their performance, utilization, and risks. You can also align your IT Assets with your business goals and strategies, and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. With IT Asset portfolio Management system, you can improve your IT efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


Contact SoluDyne today to get a free demo and see how we can help you transform your IT Asset Management.


SoluDyne offers a management system with modules that can be used individually or integrated with each other as needed. The solution can be installed at the customer or provided as a cloud solution.

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