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Change the design accross your system in SoluDyne 2021

In the 2021 version of SoluDyne we can delight all our Customers with the possibility to change design according to own Brand Guidelines. This includes shapes, colors, fonts and styles. The changes applies across the entire system, including the frame with Expanding menu, upper toolbar and homepage.  The new design changes also makes the system more mobile friendly.

The SoluDyne User Interface at the North Pole

 Desktop view, North Pole Logistics Branding.

Written by Bite Clicker, North Pole Post Columnist.

In-between regular day-to-day logistics, North Pole Logistics have been working as Beta-testers for the new SoluDyne Interface. 

Communication Officer Malla Qulingiluaat explains: "We really do adore red up here. It is a nice contrast to the snow and ice. To give our management system that extra North Pole Brand touch, we asked our design department, Press Sents Div. Dasher, to figure out which of our brand colors to use in SoluDyne."

Tablet view, North Pole Logistics Branding

SoluDyne on your mobile.  Access your management system from the road

SoluDyne Integrated Management System

SoluDyne offers a Web-based enterprise management system with modules that can be used individually or integrated with each other as needed. The solution can be installed at the customer or provided as a cloud solution.



QIS (2).png

Improvement Proposals

Customer Claims



Work Injuries

Audit Findings 



GAP Analysis
HR Management
Plan, Train and Follow up


Risk Analysis
Aggregate RISK
Flexible & Modifiable Models


Maintenance and Calibration System

The Flexible Management System

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