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SoluDyne Administrative Tasks Course

SoluDyne administrative tasks course is a practical course that focuses on best practice. The content of the course is adapted to the participants as to modules and needs. The course is suitable for those who have a superuser or administrator function in SoluDyne.

The course focuses on how to perform usual tasks in SoluDyne, such as maintenance of the organization, employees and adjustment of user rights, choosing which flags is to be visible, color of menus, which process is to be visible for whom, which organization is to be shown, which strategy is shown and which manual is shown under ISO pyramid.


This course is performed as a Workshop.


Certification as a Super User.

SoluDyne Super User


Target group

System administrator
Quality control - QC
Process owners


Survey of the tasks that need to be performed in order to keep the system clean and tidy. 

In the course, the following items are covered, among others:

  • SoluDyne 

  • SoluDyne Gadget and Gadget administration

  • Organisation of organization chart:

    • Organization 

    • Department 

    • Job function type 

    • Job function and employee

  • Employee information and password 

  • My processes & requirements and process ownership

  • News and Messages

  • Templates

  • Sectioning / Auto-sectioning

  • Abbreviations and definitions

  • Files

  • Custom look-up values  

  • User groups and access administration

  • System access control and user rights 

  • Properties and Settings  

    • Workflow steps and node rights 

    • Misc.

  • A deeper understanding of Comments/Change process 

Must have completed SoluDyne Basic Course, APOS User and Modelling Course, and must have basic knowledge of general PC use.

2 sessions x 4-5 hours.

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