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Maintenance & Calibration System

Software for systematic management of operations and maintenance of machinery, buildings and equipment.

The Maintenance system is used for systematic management of preventive maintenance of equipment, production lines, buildings, rolling stock etc. The Maintenance module can also be applied for managing the calibration of measuring equipment.

The system provides valuable documentation about maintenance costs, errors and breakdowns, performed repairs, consumption of spare parts etc.

History on maintenance plans, performed maintenance and consumption of spare parts.


Ensures systematic maintenance

Ensures systematic maintenance of planned maintenance and unplanned maintenance.

Operation and Maintenance Plan

Maintenance plans can be generated as lists and as graphic maintenance plans.

Spare parts management

Registration and management of consumption of spare parts.

Access by App

The option to access system via mobile app

Integration with scanners

Can be integrated with various QR and barcode scanners

Secure  a successful Maintenance Performance Process

The implementation of an effective maintenance program is essential to the successful performance and longevity of machinery, assets, facilities, and entire businesses.  SoluDyne Maintenance Process ensure the continuous and efficient operation of machinery, equipment, and other types of assets typically used in business.

The Manager has full overview of all Planned and Unplanned maintenance, which actions are / or shall be performed and by whom.  All additional needed documentation follows the performance of each action, securing in real time both work instructions and later for historical records to keep.

How to keep the Maintenance work easy and have an overview of all needed activities

In the SoluDyne Maintenance tool, there is one process with different entrances, which cover all needs to keep a successful maintenance program for a company. The process supports the following shortcuts to secure efficiency of the maintenance work is easy and accessible:

Planned Maintenance

  • Create and Evaluate Maintenance and Improvement proposals
    The Technician has the ability to create preventive maintenance proposals, which is sent to the Managers work queue, The Manager then has the ability to reject or accept the proposal sent in. If Yes, the Manager can plan  the proposal to be performed. The method involves all technician to be responsible for participating in the preventive nature of actions and is helping out avoid challenges before they occur.

  • Register and Plan maintenance 
    The Responsible Planner can schedule and Plan all types of Planned Maintenance, have the ability to plan and assign work and set up Next maintenance Date, by using the system's Calculation Method  to secure recurrence and  the correct Interval type and Interval for Next Maintenance Date to be performed.

Unplanned Maintenance

  • Perform and Register Performed ad-hoc work
    When unplanned maintenance lead to disruptions in production or service or something breaks or stops working, the technician can do corrective actions and  document the performed work in the maintenance process system  and secure documentation for future Quality Assurance.

    The process routes the different types of maintenance activities through the process which steer them to the needed activity dependent on the path which one choose to follow for the maintenance activity on its way through the process.


  • Recurrence - The process handles auto-signing and recurrence
    Set interval with date and time on assets to secure a recurrent inspection on which new date needed to secure a proactive control of goods.  When signed, the action for performance will be directed to the responsible's work queue, and a notification as an E-mail can be sent in advance as a reminder of the next and new maintenance date.

Calibration and verification of equipment
The Maintenance process manage the calibration of measuring equipment – including registration of calibration results.

History, Reports and Graphic Plans
The system keeps records of historic data and provides valuable documentation about maintenance costs, errors and breakdowns, performed repairs, consumption of spare parts etc.

Personal Work queue
Each maintenance activity is sent to the responsible employee's work queue, to secure that one person is responsible and takes charge of each item in the different stages of the maintenance cycle. Notification can be set up and sent by mail to help support the performer's attention and secure that  the different due dates are met.

Use SoluDyne App to document and perform Unplanned and Planned Maintenance

Register and perform Maintenance on location where maintenance is performed. Use the App process to document and upload pictures of  needed work, which is performed or create proposals for preventive improvements or planning of future maintenance.

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