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Plan and Project Tool

Use PLAN to create Plans and Projects with Sub Actions. Send actions to be performed to the employees workqueue. Follow up actions and progress in this simple complete project management tool.

The PLAN tool integrates with any module when needed

The Action plans can be created as stand-alone, and/or they can be attached to other functionalities in SoluDyne – such as Processes (the APOS module), Incident reports (the QIS module) and Risk evaluations (the Risk module) etc.

Easy to keep control

  • Builds easily manageable priority lists 

  • Breaks down the company’s goals to operational execution plans 

  • Delegate activites and send to perform, straight into employees' WorkQueue, with a clear distribution of responsibility.

  • Ensures a uniform way of working 

  • Improves the ability to execute 

Simplifying tasks with smart solutions and automatization

  • Built in Workflow

  • Assign 

  • Ensures a clear matching of expectations in more realistic action plans

  • Breaks down the workload in Activities and sub Activities aligned with the overall strategy 

  • Ensures focus where it is necessary 

  • Ensures notifications to avoid forgetting important tasks

Project Management

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