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Customer & Supplier Follow Up

All information about customers, suppliers and business partners is gathered in one place

SoluDyne CRM ties together all sales, marketing and Customer Relations Service information in one central system. This means fewer silos in the organization, and it helps to create a better overview over customer data and sales activities.

Easy to keep control

Customer information can – among other things – be phone number, address and the latest contact with the customer. In the software, it is registered what was discussed on the last contact, when the next follow-up date is and status on cases – it is all important also in connection to complying with CDPR. ​

​Better customer experience through systematized information

This information can then be used for management and for measuring and keeping track of marketing, sales and customer service activities related to the customer. In general, it creates greater customer loyalty and ensures a better customer experience.

​Easier workflows through automation of collaboration between processes

Regardless of whether one works in sales, marketing or customer services, SoluDyne CRM system can assist the company in automating a specific business process as well as automating the way in which the processes interact.​

Features and Benefits:

  • Gives the company a simple tool that collects all data about customers, suppliers and business partners.

  • Gives a complete overview and makes it easy to plan a targeted effort.

  • Assists in seeing sales and support cases through.

  • Puts the sales into system and makes it easy – among other things – to estimate the turnover from ongoing assessments of submitted quotations etc.

  • Supports the sale from start to end. Right from working with getting leads, organizing the follow-up to laying out targeted newsletters.  

  • Can be integrated with the company’s other IT systems, so that there can be an exchange of data concerning customers, orders, products etc. Read more.

Customer and Supplier Follow Up

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