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SoluDyne Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

SoluDyne uses digital tracking technologies to collect information about the movement on our websites and how visitors interact with us. It is performed in order to measure the performance of the SoluDyne websites and provide the best possible content.

To identify a visitor throughout the visit, and recognizing visitors at consecutive visits, our websites leave a small file called a cookie in the visitor's internet browser.

Cookies uniquely identify a particular browser or device. By using cookies SoluDyne can distinguish one visitor from another and treat them individually.

Why is cookies used?

Anonymized statistics

Visiting website generates anonymized data that is uses to improve our websites. When using cookies in this way we do not collect or process personal data. Instead, we use anonymized aggregated statistics to make better decisions.

More specific, the anonymized data describes the general activity and performance of the SoluDyne websites. For instance, SoluDyne measures how many of our visitors read our cookie policy. If the statistics show that there are few readers, we will use this to assess whether to move the policy elsewhere on the website to make it more visible.

Another example is that we use anonymized data to measure which parts of our pages that are popular among visitors by creating heat maps based on visitor activity. The analysis is used to organise content or to ensure more logical functionality on our websites. We also use cookies to detect returning visitors on our websites and expose them for what they seemed to like during their last visit.

The anonymised data SoluDyne collect includes:

  • Information about types of browser and device

  • Geographical information limited to city

  • User behaviour on the website, i.e. the journey from reference site to landing page to exit page, if pages were scrolled and how far, if videos were played and for how long, which links were clicked.

  • Language

  • Public company information

From this anonymized data we can measure the popularity of the content and decide which direction we should further develop our websites, both in terms of technical evolvement and content.

The anonymous data is not shared with any third party except our subcontractors when placing and managing cookies including Google Analytics and Hotjar. The anonymous data is subject to security and privacy standards according to applicable data protection legislation.

Personal data

Depending on whether visitors grant us their permission - opt in/opt out according to the preferences on my profile pages - the use of cookies could also include processing of visitors personal data. More specific, with the permission of visitors, we could use visitors email addresses to tie their activities to their identity.

On this basis, SoluDyne could use personal data to register what the individual visitor is pursuing. These preferences are used to ensure that visitors are subject to relevant content on our websites. In short, to let SoluDyne personalise content.

The personal data SoluDyne process in this regard includes:

  • Email address, name and company

  • Employees key information

  • Employers key information

  • Likely interests based on registered movement on website and subscription preferences.

Personal data is not shared with any third party except our subcontractors when placing and managing cookies except for Google Anallytics, Wix, Visma. All processing of personal data is subject to security and privacy standards according to applicable data protection legislation.

How can I avoid cookies?

I don't want to be subject to cookies that generate anonymised statistics

By using the setting functionality in your browser visitors can block cookies. However, this will affect the performance of SoluDyne websites.

Visitors should follow the links below if they would like to read up on how cookies can be managed in some of the most popular browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Safari

I don't want to be subject to cookies that process my personal data

The most efficient way of managing these cookies is either select options as wanted in the Cookie Banner loaded upon first visiting the site with a clear history, or after SoluDyne has updated the Privacy Policy / Cookie settings, or using the Cookie settings widget at the bottom left site of the page.

Visitors may also request edits to their personal data, request deletion, determine whether they would like to sign up for SoluDyne newsletters or reach out to support or our privacy team with questions. In privacy matters, you can also reach out directly to

For more information, please study our Privacy Policy.

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