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CAT Administrative Tasks

This is the course for super-users and managers who are going to follow up the organization in CAT. We will review basic functions and tools from an administrative perspective.

We make it easier for you to get started, and show you how to streamline your use and utilization of the program.

This Course is performed as a Workshop with practical tasks.



  • Know the main structure of SoluDyne.

  • Understand SoluDyne CAT - Competence Management.

  • Navigate in SoluDyne.

  • Understand the functionality of the Organization.

  • Know and be able to use the Personnel functionality.

  • Understand the Course functionality.

  • Understand the Competence functionality.

  • Report Comment / Amendments.

Target group



  • Navigate through SoluDyne

  • My Processes and Requirements

  • Search

  • Make a new Comment / Change

  • Competence

  • Course

  • Update CV

  • Manager

  • Development plans


Must have completed SoluDyne Basic Course and must have basic knowledge of general PC use.

Approx. 5 hours

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