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Visual overview of KPI's

The statistics function gathers and visualizes data from the individual modules in SoluDyne – e.g. from the incident reporting module QIS. It is also possible to retrieve data from external systems – this however requires the purchase of the SoluDyne Transformation Service. 

Clarity and easy access with the statistics function

With the statistics function, one gets an overview and quick access to key figures that create a basis for assessment and evaluation of central activities or focus areas.    

Many visualization options for a greater overview

The statistics function offers a wide range of view options consisting of tables, bar charts and graphs, etc.  

Easy to give different access to key figures to different users

The statistics can be shown on the Dashboard, and the user access scan be segmented so that there is control over which key figures are accessible to which users.

This functionality is part of the SoluDyne standard functionality​


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