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Industry practices from sectors such as oil & gas, energy & utility, engineering, construction, manufacturing, transportation, aviation, services, education, finance, public sector as well as SMEs

  • 25 years of experience in Business Management

  • Continuous improvement of best practice with experience from numerous installations within a range of business areas

  • 100% focus on quality, innovation and sustainable growth

  • Experience in working closely together with the Customers

Business and Strategic Management

SoluDyne’s consultants offer assistance for implementation of changes that increase competitiveness, profitability and growth for our Customers.

  • Strategy

  • Planning

  • Target Management, KPIs, Risk

Process Steering and Management Documentation

Our consultants are specialists in process mapping and continuously work in the specialist field with mapping and process modelling according to the APOS method:

  • Work processes with RACI, requirements, best practices and checklists.

  • Clarification, conformity, compliance, roles/position, linking.

QHSE Management

The company will be trained to regard Quality and HSE as activities and mindsets that he entire company must adopt, participate in and take responsibility for. It is organized and implemented so that Quality and HSE pervades all levels of the organization.

  • QHSE management

  • QHSE analysis

  • QHSE audits

  • QHSE documentation


Human Resource and Competence Management

Services for Human Resource and Competence Management:

Process understanding, support and expertise.

Risk Management

Our consultants help your organization to implement risk management.

  • Risk management

    • Risk identification

    • Risk analysis

    • Action planning        

    • Implementation of and follow-up on measures

    • Impact analysis

  • Describe cause and effect of the event

  • Barriers / measures that reduce the likelihood of events    

  • Recommended measures to reduce risks  

  • Assess and set goals for risk index with an actual new risk index

  • Display in risk area chart  


Process understanding, support and competence

Enterprise Architecture


IT services and support

Production, operation and maintenance

Projects, modifications and technical services

Systems and equipment