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Rules & Regulations

Get Compliance Overview with Rules & Regulations

The functionality Rules & Regulations is applied for entering Rules and Regulations - including GDPR Requirements and ISO standards - into the system. 


By linking the individual sections / paragraphs in Rules and Regulations to the work descriptions, cross-reference lists can be autogenerated.


The cross-reference lists give a detailed overview of the connection between Rules and Regulations and work descriptions, and it thus contributes to ensuring compliance with present rules and regulations as well as ISO standards. 


The Compliance tool enables option of creating Compliance status reports, in which one can set a Compliance status color and attach a comment to the individual paragraph/section in the cross-reference list. 
As an additional purchase, it is possible to have the system delivered with selected Rules and Regulations as well as ISO standards entered. 

Furthermore, there is the possibility to subscribe to a maintenance agreement, where SoluDyne monitors and updates Rules and Regulations. 

The basic Rules and Regulations functionality is part of the SoluDyne standard functionality.

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