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QIS - Quality Improvement System

Continuous Quality Improvement for Both Large and Small Businesses

Incident and Quality Reporting

Designed to handle all types of reports: Incidents, accidents, observations, deviations, improvement proposals applications for exemptions, audits & audit findings, SJA, Safety Inspection and other types HSE events and Quality findings.

The system focuses on the important principles of the ISO standard and ensures an approach to quality that should be preventive and not corrective.


Involving the Employees

QIS involves the employees in the improvement process. The individual employee participates directly in cultivating best practice and improving their own work processes.

  • Reduce HSE risk and improve quality  

  • Reduce non-conformance and improve efficiency   

  • Analyze and identify root cause  -

  • Improve ability to analyze, see trends and plan for improvement 


Perform Reporting and SJA from anywhere QIS is available on mobile devices

Key Features

  • Incidents

  • HSE deviations and incidents

  • Deviations/Non-conformance

  • Observations

  • Technical findings

  • Applications for exemptions

  • Improvement proposals

  • Audit findings

  • Customer Complaints

Handles all types of observations
Configure & Modify according to needs
  • Report Types 

  • Report Forms  

  • Processing Forms  

  • WorkFlow   

  • Root Cause Register  

  • Event Types  

  • Report Register  

  • Queries, KPIs and Statistics  

  • Data Warehouse  

  • Dashboard  

  • Org Chart 

  • Risk Matrix  

Customized Forms

Create and manage forms in SoluDyne. 

Add and remove fields on forms
Turn mandatory fields on and off on forms

The forms can be used in the workflow, for surveys, as checklists and as forms for elements in SoluDyne.

Non-conformance and Preventive Action

Meets regulatory requirements for non-conformance processing and ensures preventive action.

Centralized and Distributed Case Processing

Possibility of centralized and/or distributed case processing.

Development and Implementation

Develop action plans, implement and verify actions.


Reports, Statistics, trend analysis.  Use standard reports, modify existing or set up your own reports & filters.


Audit can be registered and performed easily.

Simple Case Processing

Simple case processing that can be configured at installation according to requirements.

Root Cause Functionality

The system has functionality for root-cause analysis.

Secure Handling of Sensitive Issues

The system ensures secure handling of sensitive issues.

SJA - Safe Job Analysis

Perform Safe Job Analysis fromyour mobile device or laptop

Includes Complete system for Risk Management and Risk Analysis

Risk Management and Analysis Tools

Mobile App

Mobile App available for end users to report deviations.

Frequently asked questions about QIS

Is there an app available for end users to report deviations etc into the system?

Yes, an app can be downloaded by end users to register and report deviations etc.

Is it possible for System User to easily modify the workflow, forms and categories?

Yes, super users in the system can modify workflow and forms.

Does QIS Support mulitiple languages on forms without duplication?

Yes, QIS supports multiple languages on forms in the workflow.

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QIS Quality Improvement

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