Sharepoint Integration

Embed SoluDyne in your Sharepoint Portal​

SoluDyne SharePoint Integration enables users to link files in SharePoint to nodes in SoluDyne -such as work processes, Best Practices, activities etc.

Once the files are linked, users can: 


  • Open linked files and view them in MS Office Online / Office 365 directly from SoluDyne.

  • Open linked files for editing in MS Office Online / Office 365 directly from SoluDyne.

  • See linked files in files lists on Form.

  • Insert anchors to linked files into Description fields and other HTML Editor fields.

  • See anchored files in Shape Pop-up on work processes.

  • Search on file name of linked files in SoluDyne Search.

  • Automatically receive a notification if a SharePoint document that is linked into a work process is altered. 

SoluDyne supports both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 or higher.

The Data integration is performed by means of the function SoluDyne SharePoint Integration Service.

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