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Optimizes communication flow and retention of information

Optimization of internal communication

Internal communication is a daily necessity in companies – both between the employees and when the management is to inform about important decisions or publish various kinds of news or critical information as broadcasts.  

Support of information flow

The SoluDyne News functionality supports and optimizes the flow and retention of information.
Information can be distributed on any kind of employee profile, for example type of competence, job function, organization, department etc. 

Assurance that the news has been read

Broadcasts can be posted to any number of places in the system including to the end user’s workqueue – enabling a request to the users to sign for the news having been read. 

Automatic archiving

It is possible to set expiration date on entries so that it can be controlled how long an entry is to be visible. 

The functionality is part of SoluDyne’s standard functionality.

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