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Checklists with Measurement History

Get an overview of measurement results 

With SoluDyne’s measurement history function, one can create user-defined measurement charts/checklists with history on the data that has been entered.

Easy collection and clear storage of measurement data

The Measurement history functionality helps ensuring a continuous collection of measurement data, and that they can easily be found again.

Easy setting of alarm provides increased security

For each measurement value, one can - among other things - indicate the required value as well as alarm limit for lowest and highest value. Measurements where the alarm limit has been exceeded are listed in a status report. 

Easier work procedures with the possibility to access measurement charts from various parts of the system 

The measurement charts can be linked into the Dashboard as well as into work process descriptions, incident reporting, risk evaluation, etc., so that they can be accessed and filled in directly from these.   

User-friendly registering of data in of measurement charts

The Measurement charts can be filled in by means of a PC or the Mobile App.
The functionality is part of the SoluDyne standard functionality. 

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