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SoluDyne as a
Quality Management System

Use Case

A complete process based Quality Management System

SoluDyne is a complete Quality Management System that combines incident management with work processes, process management and governing documentation all in one integrated solution.

Key Functionality
Work processes, Processes Management and Governing Documentation

Deviation Reporting / Incident Management

Risk Management

Audit and Compliance

The Dashboard functionality enables Customers to design their own user interface with dashboards consisting of information boxes.  SoluDyne Dashboard supports and optimizes the company's use of SoluDyne as a knowledge sharing system / intranet.

The design can be customized

The design of the information boxes can be adapted to the individual customer. Examples of types of information boxes:. 
Link pages
Text boxes

User-friendliness with individual Dashboards 

Individual Dashboards can be created for the individual users and / or user groups. 
There is no limitation to the number of Dashboards. 

Standard functionality

The Dashbord-functionality is part of SoluDyne’s standard functionality.

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